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  • In the beginning systel started with sales, installation and maintenance of Telecommunications Devices and systems. However these systems often have a weakness: globally active manufacturers have to adapt the system software to standard requirements. This leaves no scope for dealing with individual processes and processes in your company. This, however, makes it possible to increase the efficiency of communication as well as the accessibility and increase the profitability of the communication solution. Systel provides customized Software Packages to meet your needs.
  • The second electronic communication structure of a company is the IT network. Both systems not only complement, but are networked. Systel also provides, installs and maintains IT-Networks. To put across complex technology for users as well as technicians is a service that systel likes to offer its customers and partners as individual trainings and workshops. More and more, sales partners from Alcatel-Lucent are also relying on the expertise of the systel employees and purchasing them as services ein.

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