sys-VoiceGateway – the IVR/Voice Dialog System from systel

Control calls, save time and worker resources and level up customer satisfaction.

Next to announced greetings (text2speech) the IVR system offers callers the opportunity to preselect their concern.
The system then connects the caller to the appropriate employee.


Calls can be recorded.

Automatically with permission of the caller:


Or manually through the employee.
Either direct on the device:


Or combined with click2dial5 in the caller popup:


Also an Windows Desktop Applikation is possible. The recording can be saved with attributes like the customer number.


Customer feedback? Also possible!

Employees connect callers back to the IVR system, where they can give an appraisal.
Evaluations are saved in a .csv file.



Outbound list for hang ups and call back request

Combined with click2dial5 outbound lists can be generated.


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