New features in click2dial5:


  • new Layout
  • user status adjustable (available, not available …)
  • can work in softphone mode (SIP)


  • filter by database
  • clearer representation


  • team status information (popup)
  • group chat
  • create teams via sharing
  • members can be sorted into five different categories
  • monitor team members (incoming calls)
  • sticky note for team members


  • filter by day
  • more details
  • backward search with contact photos
  • grouping

Answering machine:

  • graphic representation of the news
  • call recording via client
  • recall notes
  • create your notes
  • send callback note to other click2dial5 users


  • Supporter List CCD
  • queued up
  • hanging up while ringing
  • data comes from an ODBC database
  • data can be written back to the database with predefined data
  • results are stored in a .csv-file on the server

Conference planning:

  • schedule and edit conferences through the client
  • srag and drop the participants into the participant list
  • sdd files to a conference
  • create email invitations and appointments

Advantages over click2dial4:

  • one installation/update for all applications

  • updates add new functions and applications

  • management for all applications

  • graphical interface for the configuration

  • applications can interact with each other (example: self contact c2d5 )

  • new functions for the already known apps

  • compatible with upcoming Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch versions (REST API)

  • caller journal is cached by the systel server (more entries possible! OT = max 150; systel = configurable)

  • applications can be activated directly via a new license


  • Windows Server from 2008R2

  • Alcatel-Lucent OpenTouch version 2.2 or higher

  • Alcatel-Lucent RestAPI licenses per user




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