click2dial5 – The CTI client for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

for business und call center users – without CSTA or TAPI

click2dial5 (clicktodial application version 5) is an easy and intuitiv to use desktop application which makes dialing with the pc as easy as it should be.

click2dial5 is an extensive, professionell CTI-solution with all functions that you need for your daily communication.

The client supports the use of several lines(deskphone, call center agent, DECT, GSM). Just choose the line you want to use.

Now new – the pc mode. Make calls just with your pc and click2dial5, no other device neeeded.



– Choose your line
– Set a call forwarding
– See appointments oft the next 3, 5, or 7 days.
















A contact list with all your local and server contacts. Search and filter functions are adjustable. Double entries can be grouped to a single contact entry. Next to standard attributes like name, company, address, telephone, fax, e-mail, and website custom attributes like customer number can be added.

– Filter by database
– Clear presentation









In the Caller Journal all calls up to a month are listed (also incoming at busy). click2dial5 matches calling numbers with your whole contact database, so you can see information like name, company and so on from the caller. If you miss calls click2dial5 shows you a summary of them even if you miss calls while making a call!

– Filter by day
– More detailed information
– Backwards search with contact photos
– Group


Popup missed calls:



– Plan and edit conferences with the client
– Drag and drop members to the entry list
– Create e-mail invitations













– Hung up list CCD
– Hung up in queue
– Hung up while ringing
– Data from ODBC database
– Predefined data can be writen back to database
– Results are saved in a CSV file on the server






In the click2dial5 Team view you can see all necessary state information for phone, call center (logged in, pause, wrap up), presence and calendar. The window can be undocked to see it on a second monitor. Further functions like call, pick up, connect and set call forward for team members will be available by wish.

Groups are managed with profiles, so every user only sees what you want them to see. There is no user limit for the team groups. One user can be in several groups.

– Team online state information (Popup)
– Group chat
– Create teams with different permissions
– Monitor team members (incoming calls)
– Short message for team members



















Chat with team members in single or group chat

















Integrate websites like a ticketsystem, canteen menu, time tracking system, webcam oder intranet.


















CCD Dashboard 

– Call center information at a glance