Client function Description


Call & Accept

Easy calling from any application that allows copying the selected text to the clipboard. To do this, mark the desired phone number with the mouse or keyboard you want to call and press the assigned hotkey.

The formatting of the phone number is automatically recognized by click2dial5.
Incoming calls can be answered with the same key.

Edit outbound list

The outbound list is for multiple users of a group. This is a list of contacts to call or call back. The data can come from ODBC databases, CCD of the Pbx or via the IVR from the sys-VoiceGateway. The assignment of the lists to the corresponding users takes place via sys-Collection Management. The CCD suspenders in the queue and movers during the doorbell are supplied with information such as date, called pilot and wait.

The next call can be selected either manually or automatically. While processing a call, the other group members are informed about the current processing status.
If the entry comes from an ODBC database, predefined data can be written back to the database after the call has ended. The results are stored in a CSV file on the server. (Summarized monthly)

Create a conference

To create conferences, go to the conference tab.
There you can create a new conference.

Here are several conference types to choose from

  • one-time conference
  • recurring conference
  • reserved conference

one-time conference:
The one-time conference is for a one-time conference. This is created with a start (date + time) and a duration.
recurring conference:
The Recurring Conference is created with a beginning, duration and end. There is also the possibility to repeat the conference daily, weekly or monthly.
reserved conference:
This conference will be reserved for a longer period of time (up to 6 months). As long as the reservation is valid, you can always dial into the conference room.