Time Management with Busylight

A light that indicates whether you are occupied!


Do you also arrive early at work sometimes or stay longer than usual in order to finish something without being frequently distracted by your office environment? Are you using a headset and your colleagues just start talking to you, not noticing that you in the middle of an important call?

Then why don’t you combine your click2dial4 software with Busylights? With Busylights, you can easily indicate to everyone around you that you don’t want to be disturbed or that you are currently on the phone. The colorful lights are a stress-free, cost-efficient way to avoid distractions.

Busylight connects to your computer via USB. click2dial4 automatically detects a connected Busylight and sets the color of the LED depending on your communication state. Like this, your colleagues can instantly see whether you’re available, without having to interrupt you. click2dial4 uses these default colors:

green = agent active
green flashing = incoming call
red= active call
blue flashing = new message

However, Busylight can take basically every color and is thus easily customizable to your preferences.

Do you need some time to work concentrated on your desk without distractions? In this case, you can set up a call forwarding to a colleague or secretary. Your Busylight will indicate that your phone is redirected, and everyone who is planning to approach you will see that you are not available.

3 potential distractions that can be avoided by Busylight: