Installation & First Configuration



Run the setup and follow the instructions on the screen.


Start the sys-Collection Manager (Desktop Icon).

If your server has an active internet connection, a 30-day trial license will automatically be requested and activated.

Otherwise, you can download our test license directly via our website To do this, enter the displayed installation code in the lower text field and press the Download button. Place the downloaded license file in the ‘C: \ sys-Collection Data \ lic’ directory (dependent on installation) and restart the manager.

First Configuration

Enter the IP address or name of the server, user and password under OpenTouch and OmniVista 8770 and save the settings. Now you can perform the first synchronization by pressing the ‘Sync’ button in the menu. After successful synchronization, you can start the following services:

  • sys-communication service
  • sys-click2dial5 service (license required)
  • sys-update service
  • sys-iptouch service (license required)