IBM Notes Server database


Add IBM Notes database


In the sub-item “Contact databases” under “Server databases” -> IBM Notes create a new database

Enter server login data

  • Assign database name
  • Enter the server name or IP address
  • File name from the contact folder of the IBM Notes server
  • Enter the selection of the view
  • Priority (if there are multiple databases)

The standard fields are assigned in the next tab. Example:

  • First name = FirstName
  • Surname = LastName
  • Company = Company

  • The media fields are assigned in the next tab


  • then assign the address fields

  • In the last tab ,there are “different fields” to assign if there are special fields in the database

  • then the connection test to the database is carried out and the database is synchronized for the first time

  • In sys-Collection Management you can now see the database created and the contacts it contains