Nomadic Mode



Configuration PBX


At the OT user who needs to use this feature to follow

  • Alcatel Lucent Enterprise
  • Users
  • OT configuration
  • Licenses
  • Set the Nomadic GSM hook

A virtual user must be set up in the PBX for the maximum number of simultaneous activated home office users. Important. Only use numbers as the number!

  • Alcatel Lucent Enterprise
  • Users
  • OT configuration
  • General Characteristics

Configuration OT

Define the area of the virtual participants on OT

  • OT
  • OTMS
  • System services
  • Topology
  • OXE CS
  • OXE resources

Configuration sys-Collection Manager

In the sys-Collection Manager, the server has to be synchronized with the OT

Configuration Client

To activate the home office, the client must be restarted after configuration on the PBX and the OT.

The following has to be considered with Nomadic Mode

  • the click2dial5 client must not be registered in the call center
  • Enter the number for the home office or cell phone number without a leading zero
  • the number can also be an internal number (for example, another work station)
  • an active tabletop device is required
  • When activating the home office via Nomadic, the active tabletop device is frozen and can no longer be used
  • when using the nomadic mode, two voice channels are always used (one incoming, one outgoing)
  • when dialing via the click2dial5 client, the system establishes a call to the home office and then to the called party