The most important terms explained briefly


Bluetooth Name for an internationally standardized data interface by radio. With Bluetooth, even the smallest devices can be controlled or monitored by radio. More and more manufacturers are using this wireless technology, e.g. Wirelessly connect notebook and mobile phone accessories.
CCD/CCA Call center distribution/call center agent; Both terms come from call center solutions that allow calls from call center agents to be optimally managed and distributed.
CPU Central Processing Unit
CSTA Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications; Interface for connecting software programs that enable CTI.
CTI Computer and telephone integration; stands for the linking of telecommunications with electronic data processing. Allows e.g. dialing a phone number from the contacts stored in a database (outlook, Lotus Notes …).
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone; the easiest way to make calls without cable over the landline, also called cordless phone calls. At present, mainly devices with the so-called “DECT” standard are used.
ECS Extended Communication Server; E-Mail, Fax, CTI and Homeoffice in
Envel Envel Informationssysteme is the product name or manufacturer of WLAN solutions for hotels and restaurants.
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications.
Communications applications Software that achieves an interaction between PC and telephone.
LAN Local Area Network; Connecting multiple computers via a cable.
Octopus EP Product name of the telecom; see Omni PCX Enterprise.
Octopus Open Product name of the telecom; see Omni PCX Office.
Omni PCX Office Product name of Alcatel-Lucent; Telephone system for up to 250 participants.
Omni PCX Enterprise Product name of Alcatel-Lucent; Telephone system for up to 15,000 participants.
OPS Licenses for the Omni PCX Enterprise / Octopus Open.
OTUC Omni Touch UC; complete communication solution consisting of telephony, messaging, collaboration and mobility solution. Particularly efficient teamwork with colleagues, customers and business partners.
PDA Personal Digital Assistant; PDA (Pocket PC) is the name of a particularly small, handy type of computer that is mainly used for personal calendar, address and task management.
SIP Session Initiation Protocol; SIP is a network protocol for establishing, controlling and reducing a communication session between two and more participants. Often the basis for IP telephony.
TAPI Telephony Application Programming Interface; TAPI is a programming interface for telephony applications.
TK-Anlage Telecommunications system; Today’s modern PBXs provide entry into the latest generation of the Internet, e-mail, LAN and telephone functions and fax servers – the entire bandwidth of telecommunications.
unified Messaging Common platform for all types of messages (fax, e-mail, voicemail, SMS, MMS, etc.).
VDSL Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line; Fast Internet connection, which provides significantly higher data transfer rates over common telephone lines.
VOIP Voice Over Internet Protocol; Voice over IP also uses data lines for voice communication.
Web-Softphone Telephony application on the computer, which allows telephoning on the laptop with headset and no terminal.
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network; WLAN refers to a mobile data and communication connection in a company and on the move. The wireless LAN or short WLAN called technology is an alternative to connecting computers via cable. If the infrastructure was primarily intended for data communication, it is now also being used for telephony with the VOIP standard.
XML Extensible Markup Language; A “markup language” is a set of tags (“tags”) that are legible both to the computer and to people. XML can be used for any kind of data description, storage, and exchange.
ZYXEL ZyXEL Communications Corporation is a leading manufacturer of broadband Internet access equipment, ISDN terminal adapters, and high-performance modems.