OmniPCX Enterprise

Investment security right from the start


Omni PCX Enterprise is the ideal solution for medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. This system combines traditional telephone features with the support of Internet-based telephony (VoIP) and multimedia communications. It encompasses unified communications applications such as Web Softphone, Unified Messaging, and Personal Assistant Omni PCX Enterprise provides mid-tier organizations with the same advanced features as large enterprises!

The key features of the Omni PCX Enterprise

  • Applications for Unified Communication offer access to all communication services – from any location and any device: GSM cell phones, digital and analog phones, PC & laptop via a web browser or integration with LotusNotes and Outlook, PDAs via Wi-Fi access, etc.
  • The web softphone improves the flow of communication and provides access to corporate address books, messaging systems and a variety of phone features.
    “Unified Messaging” and the “Personal Assistant” provide convenient access to messages such as e-mail, voicemail, and FAX, as well as call control and filtering functions that are available anywhere, on any device.
  • The software platform is compatible with a wide range of hardware platforms to match the corporate structure.
  • The communication software is installed on standard servers or integrated CPU bays and offers a high level of performance and reliability. This open, flexible system with its independent infrastructure enables the integration of all existing IT resources and ensures problem-free, needs-based expansion.
  • The standards-based solution (DSS1, Q.SIG, CTI, IP, LDAP, SIP …) is optimized for multi-site and distributed environments, providing advanced services and applications across the enterprise, including branch offices and teleworkers.