Configur edoor cameras

.You can configure several door cameras in the sys-Collection Manager. The door camera image is automatically displayed on the screen. The door can be opened via DTMF tones.

  • To add a camera, click “New”

  • fill in the fields in the wizard

Fields and their meaning or function:

  • Number = is the phone number of the door camera / door intercom
  • Name = name of the camera
  • URL = here the camera image can be reached via a web browser (example: http://IPAdresse/api/camera/snapshot? Width 640 & height = 480)
  • User = login name of the user on the camera
  • Password = password of the user on the camera
  • Open Door (DTMF) = the door can be opened with these DTMF tones
  • FPS = frames per second (image transmission rate of the camera)
  • AutoClose = after this time in seconds the picture on the screen is automatically closed again

Example of a completed wizard:

After the wizard has been completed, you will see the configured door camera in the overview.

When the doorbell rings, a call is made and the image of the door camera automatically appears in the click2dial5 client.

The door can now be opened using DTMF tone dialing. The DTMF tone dialing is also stored in the door symbol on the camera image, so the door can also be opened with a mouse click.

sys-Collection Manager user Configuration

The authorization for the door camera is configured in the sys-Collection Manager user profile