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PC Mode


there are two different variants for PC mode:

  1. SIP Nomadic, this requires a phone to be active. If the PC mode is activated, it freezes and cannot be used. A pool of SIP users is created in the PBX. When activated, the next free SIP dummy is used.
  2. SIP multidevice, for this an additional SIP line is generated and added to the user. Parallel ringing of the fixed device and PC.

SIP Nomadic


You must assign the user of the PC Mode SIP Nomadic to the Namadic SIP license on the OpenTouch. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Log on to OV8770 and go to “Users”
  • then click on the relevant user
  • OT configuration
  • Licenses
  • Check Nomadic SIP

You create a pool of dummy users on the PBX. The number should be at least the number of users who use the mode at the same time.

  • Phone number
    • Is not selectable
    • no letters
  • Type
    • SIP device
  • Can be Called by Name
    • NO

The SIP dummy users must also be created on the OpenTouch

  • configuration
  • OTMS
  • OXE SIP subscriber
  • right mouse key “create”


  • Select SIP nomadic device number (same as OXE)
  • SIP login is the phone number (same as OXE)
  • SIP password / device password standard is 0000 (same as OXE)
  • to save


SIP Multidevice



  • Users
  • select User
  • right mouse key “Assicoate SIP device”
  • New -> OTC PC


  • “Secondary directory number”
  • Enter the free number
  • to save


  • OT Configuration
  • If the device is not automatically displayed, this must be added manually
  • assign the new device to the user with the plus
  • to save

sys-Collection Manager Sync

In the sys-Collection Manager, you have to synchronize so that the user receives the current settings.

Activation Client PC Mode

After restarting the client there is a new icon on the start page “PC (deactivated)”


If you click with the mouse button on the field “PC (deactivated), the PC mode is activated