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LDAP(S) database


Add LDAP(S) Database

ODBC data source administrator

In the sub-item of “Contact databases” under “Server databases” -> LDAP create a new database

Enter server login data

  • Assign database name
  • Enter the server name or IP address
  • Enter LDAP port (standard without SSL = 389; standard with SSL = 636
  • if SSL is to be used, check the box and change the port
  • Enter the basic path
  • Authentication for the LDAP database
  • enter this data for authentication with user and password

TIP! The base pad can be read out beforehand with an LDAP browser of your choice.
when all server login data have been entered you can test the connection to the LDAP database

  • set a selection filter and test the database. If the test is successful, the fields are displayed

The standard fields are assigned in the next tab. Example:

  • ID = uid
  • Surname= sn
  • Name= givenName
  • company = company

  • The media fields are assigned in the next tab

  • then assign the address fields

  • In the last tab there are “different fields” to assign if there are special fields such as “office” or similar in the database

  • then the connection test to the database is carried out

  • after all, fields have been filled in, the database is synchronized for the first time

  • In sys-Collection Management you can now see the database created and the contacts it contains