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  • configuration sys-Collection Server
  • Configuration OpenTouch Check the application and troubleshooting

Configuration sys-Collection Server

Under ‘IP-Touch Applications / sys-groupcall’ you can define the default settings for new users.

The change allowed: The user can change the settings via the menu on the IP-Touch device

Show popups: A pickup call displays a popup on the device

Show internal calls: The popup is also displayed when the call comes from an internal subscriber

Show in conversation: The popup is also displayed when the participant is in conversation

Alert tone: The pop-up is signaled with a short tone



Under ‘IP-Touch Applications / sys-groupcall / user’ you can check and adjust the existing settings of individual users.

You can use the search function to restrict the display. It can also be filtered with spaces according to several criteria. Possible criteria are last name, first name, telephone number, and pickup group. Besides, it is also possible to change the sorting of the headings of the table. To change the settings of individual users, click on the corresponding checkbox.

To change the settings of several users, select them and right-click to open the Kotextmenu.

Configuration OpenTouch

You can create the application via the OmniVista. To do this, connect to the OpenTouch and navigate to the IP Touch applications. Create a new entry and define an identifier of 4 characters, e.g. SYSG.

Switch to the ‘Application’ tab and fill in the specified fields. Before you can use HTTPS you have to activate this (link). Application index: next available Register

URL Parameters: action = Register

Register URL parameters: http (s): // (server ip or fqdn): 9058 / iptouch / sysgroupcall


Check the application and troubleshooting

sys-Collection Server

The following services must be running on the sys-Collection server for the function:


Connect to the PBX and execute the command ‘appview’ point ‘1’, so you can check if the PRS of the OpenTouch is connected to the PBX

Via the point ‘2’ you can check if the application is running.


sys-Collection Server

C:\sys-Collection Data\logs\iptouch\iptouch-service.log

C:\sys-Collection Data\logs\iptouch\groupcall.log