Create a conference room



For a conference user or conference room, the Conference Rest API license is required and must be assigned to the user or room in the Open Touch. After importing the license on the OTMS this must be restarted. Only then is the license activated correctly.

Open Touch

In the Open Touch, a user must be set up as a conference room. This must be set up exactly like a click2dial5 user. The type of apparatus also includes a UA-Virtual. This user is assigned the Conference Rest API.

sys-Collection Manager

In the sys-Collection Manager, it is automatically displayed to conference users when the Communication Service is running. In the settings of the conference user, you have to make two more settings. You have to enter the password for the user and set the status to Active.

Log Files

Log Files In the sys-Collection Manager under C: \ sys-Collection Data \ logs \ communication \ communication-service are the log files if the conference user is logged in correctly.

Example: Conference user is not authenticated, the password is incorrect or the user is locked on Open Touch.

Konferenz Benutzer ist authentifiziert und korrekt konfiguriert.