Import click2dial4 Database


Import click2dial4 Database

In the sys-Collection Manager, the database can be imported from the click2dial4 server.

  • Click on Import in the sys-Collection Manager

  • then a wizard for the import configuration starts

  • This wizard selects what you want to import, in this case the click2dial4 database

  • after the selection has been made there is another warning

IMPORTANT !! If you import the database now, all previous configurations and settings will be overwritten !!
  • the click2dial4 database to be imported is called the “system” database

After importing the database, the following things have to be configured manually:

  • Enter the PBX
  • Check existing click2dial5 users
  • Activate Windows authentication (if desired)
  • Check whether all profiles and teams are available
  • Check the users the profile is assigned to

Important!! In the event of system changes such as Windows authentication, the click2dial5 service must be restarted otherwise, the setting in the client will not apply.