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External Application


External Applications

External links are displayed in the client popup, you can start them automatically or activate them with a click. Icons for the corresponding popups can also be included.

  • Add an external application:

Configure with the wizard.


  • Name of the external application
  • Enter tooltip (comes on mouseover in the client)
  • Select picture (for the icon in the client)
  • Select type
  • in the Link field you can add your own places

Create link in …” specifies when the application should appear …

  • Contact view
  • Journal view
  • Outbound view
  • Popup

Here are some examples of finished external applications with the required fields

Google Maps:

das Örtliche:


In sys-Collection Management, the authorization for the external application is given under -> click2dial5 Profile -> External applications

When you call, you will see the icons of the external applications in the popup, they can be started with a click.