Settings client



The context menu can be reached by clicking with the right mouse button on the click2dial5 icon in the lower right corner of the screen or in the client directly on the top right of the gear symbol.



In the settings, the client can be customized. Here also different display settings (popups) can be activated. e.g. Online status of favorites, display client in taskbar or display info messages.


Here you can select the languages ​​of the client, after selecting the new language the client must be restarted to apply the settings. So far the following languages ​​are available:

  • German

  • French

  • English


There are different theme colors to choose from. The selection will take over immediately, without restarting the client.

Contacts Outlook

In the view, you can activate your local and public folders from Microsoft Outlook

Contacts IBM Notes

IBM Notes databases can also be activated. This Lotus Notes Server database is specified and configured in sys-Collection Management.


In the Media tab, the current output and input media are displayed, these can be changed as desired.


The settings allow you to enable or disable Windows Startup.


In this view, the hotkeys are set to call / answer. You can only do this if the administrator allows this via click2dial5 sys-Collection Management. If there is no authorization, the window is grayed out. Please make sure that the hotkeys have not been assigned by other systems.

Bug report

This is a redirect directly to our bug report website, the bugs you bring in here will go directly to the developers and will be processed as soon as possible. Also ideas or maybe missing functions you can send here.

Version Info

The Info menu provides information about the client version currently installed on your computer.

Call & Accept

Easy calling from any application that allows copying the selected text to the clipboard. To do this, mark the desired phone number with the mouse or keyboard you want to call and press the assigned hotkey.

Incoming calls can be answered with the same key.

hang up

The currently active call can be ended with the assigned hotkey.


In the current clickdial5 client, the search remains in the search window on all tabs. You can search by name, first name, telephone number or company.