Change the settings

You can change the settings of the application via the tab ‘Menu’ and the key ‘sys-group call’.

Show popups: A pickup call displays a popup on the device
Show internal calls: The popup is also displayed when the call comes from an internal subscriber
In conversation Show: The popup is also displayed when the subscriber is in conversation
Alert tone: The pop-up is signaled with a short tone

To save the settings, use the ‘down’ button to navigate to the second page or press the ‘hang up’ or ‘back’ button.

Catch up on a conversation

In the case of an incoming call to a subscriber in your group, the popup will be displayed on the terminal if configured accordingly. Now you have the option to accept the call ‘pick up’ or ‘ignore’ (pop-up disappears). If several calls are pending and you have selected ‘Ignore’ the next incoming call will be displayed.