ODBC database


ODBC Data sources Administrator

Before you can integrate an ODBC database, an ODBC connection must exist. To do this, run the ODBC data source administrator (64-bit) and connect a database.

  • Add a database source:

  • Choosing the driver for the database source:

  • Name and description of the database
  • IP address of the database server


  • User name and password of the database user

  • Select standard database

  • Select Perform Character Data Conversion

  • Test connection to the database

  • Connection to the database successful

Add ODBC database

Create a new database under “Contact databases” under “Server databases” -> ODBC

  • Enter a database name in the “DB Name” field

  • here the database user is inserted with the password and connected to the desired table

  • set a selection filter and test the database. If the test is successful, the fields are displayed

  • In the next tab, the standard elements such as ID, name, company, etc. are assigned to the table fields

If there are images in the database, you can enter the link to the image. If a checkmark is placed in the “Auto. Synchronization” field, the database is synchronized overnight.

  • The media fields are assigned in the next tab

  • then assign the address fields

  • In the last tab, there are “different fields” to assign if there are special fields such as “customer number” or similar in the database


  • after all fields have been filled in, the database is synchronized for the first time

  • In sys-Collection Management you can now see the database created and the contacts it contains