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Enable HTTPS on PRS



Create a certificate

A valid certificate in PKCS # 12 / PFX format is required. This must be converted to the PEM format.
Example via

PRS konfigurieren

Configure PRS The created certificate (for me the name is otms23.pem) must be copied via sftp to the ‘/ tmp’ directory copied to the server. Now log in to the console with root and execute the following commands:

switch to prs directory: cd / opt / Alcatel-Lucent / infra_services / prs / conf /

Copy certificate to prs directory: cp /tmp/otms23.pem otms23.pem

Change permissions: chmod 755 otms23.pem chown htuser otms23.pem chgrp htgroup otms23.pem

Open the file ‘prs.conf’ and edit the following lines with ‘soapServer’: SSLEnabled = “yes” privateKeyFile = “/ opt / Alcatel-Lucent / infra_services / prs / conf / otms23.pem”

Restart PRS service: service prsd restart

Test HTTPS connection

Open a browser and go to the page https: // (FQDN-OTServer): 2011

Configuration in the manager

Configuration in the manager
Start the manager and activate the flag 'PRS HTTPS'.

After the change, the sys-iptouch service must be restarted.