Enable HTTPS on PRS



Create a certificate

A valid certificate in PKCS # 12 / PFX format is required. This must be converted to the PEM format.
Example via https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-converter.html:

PRS konfigurieren

Configure PRS The created certificate (for me the name is otms23.pem) must be copied via sftp to the ‘/ tmp’ directory copied to the server. Now log in to the console with root and execute the following commands:

switch to prs directory: cd / opt / Alcatel-Lucent / infra_services / prs / conf /

Copy certificate to prs directory: cp /tmp/otms23.pem otms23.pem

Change permissions: chmod 755 otms23.pem chown htuser otms23.pem chgrp htgroup otms23.pem

Open the file ‘prs.conf’ and edit the following lines with ‘soapServer’: SSLEnabled = “yes” privateKeyFile = “/ opt / Alcatel-Lucent / infra_services / prs / conf / otms23.pem”

Restart PRS service: service prsd restart

Test HTTPS connection

Open a browser and go to the page https: // (FQDN-OTServer): 2011

Configuration in the manager

Configuration in the manager
Start the manager and activate the flag 'PRS HTTPS'.

After the change, the sys-iptouch service must be restarted.