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UNIFY OpenStage 60

Useful utilities for UNIFY


SmartControl for UNIFY OpenScape60/80/55

With the SmartControl applications, each OpenStage device has access to the complete home electronics.

With the middleware iP-Symcon our application has the possibility to control all home automation systems and to react to events.

With our SmartControll application and the Middelware iP-Symcon an integration is possible which was previously unthinkable.

The Middelware iP-Symcon can also be accessed via systel.

Compatible in principle are all available on the market, here a small selection.



Use your UNIFY OpenScape phone as a time tracking terminal

sys-time introduces the possibility to use UNIFY OpenScape phones (55, 60 and 80) to subscribe and unsubsribe to time tracking systems, comparable to traditional time tracking terminals. Dates are assigned to employees by device number or by a personnel number (entered on the phone display). Even the use of Active Directory (LDAP) names for identification is possbile. The application writes the subscription data into formated files, which can be automatically imported by most established time tracking systems such as MBI+ / GFOS or SAP. thus, sys-time can help you save hardware and administration costs.